#ARTGD16: 5 vragen aan Allison LaMotte

Afbeelding van Allison LaMotte

1: Betrokkenheid bij #ARTGD16

The Articulate User Days: in which way are you involved? And what makes you want to be involved?

As an Articulate community manager, I come to the Articulate User Days to help Articulate users create engaging e-learning courses with our tools. I love participating because it gives me a chance to meet our community members face to face, hear what they love about our tools, and get feedback about new features they’d like to see us add in the future.

2: #ARTGD is leuk omdat…

Why do you, as a representative of the Articulate software designing company, think it is important events like the Articulate User Days are organised?

Events like these are a great opportunity for e-learning designers to come together and learn from one another. In an industry that’s constantly changing, it’s important to stay in touch with what others are doing and above all, never stop learning!

3: Praktijkvoorbeelden Articulate

The Articulate User Days are a showcase for practical user examples of the Articulate software. Do you use the software yourself within your daily work and if yes, do you have some inspiring examples?

Yes I do! As a community manager, I’m constantly creating new examples and downloads to inspire and give our community members get a head start on their projects. Here are a couple examples I’ve made with Storyline 2 that you can download for free and adapt to meet your needs:

These are just a couple of my favorites, but you’ll find tons more examples and templates created by myself as well as other community managers and members on E-Learning Heroes.

4: Wat #ARTGD16 in petto heeft

With #ARTGD16 we celebrate the fifth edition of the Articulate User Days. With what (nice-to-knows / exciting news / or maybe new launches) will you surprise the visitors this year?

Guess you’ll have to come to find out! 🙂

5: Last but not least

What is your favorite part of the Articulate User Days-programme this year?

Hard to choose, everything looks so great!